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How To Start A Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company in 2024

Non-Alcoholic Beverages in a cooler at the park

Dry January may be over but non-alcoholic beverages are here to stay. If you’re thinking of starting a non-alcoholic beverage company in 2024, you’ve picked the perfect time to get in on the zero-proof drink market. 

Wellness conscious consumers are over rosé all day. Instead, they are opting for functional beverages that taste as good as they are healthy. The trend encompasses meticulously crafted alcohol-free wine, beer, spirits, and cocktails, achieved through deliberate removal or the absence of alcohol from the outset. 

From non-alcoholic sparkling and still wines to whiskey, gin, and ready-to-drink cocktails, these offerings are now available in bottles, cans, or by the glass, priced similarly to their alcoholic equivalents, according to Cornell University

New beverage companies will want to take note. There is an unparalleled opportunity for growth in this sector of the beverage market in 2024. Because, despite representing a small portion of the market right now, sales of non-alcoholic beverages are growing exponentially and are expected to continue in that direction for years to come, as per industry reports.

Success hinges on a nuanced understanding of beverage consumer trends, sourcing of premium non-alcoholic ingredients, and a splash of creativity to stand out in an increasingly saturated market. 

If you’re thinking about starting a non-alcoholic beverage company in 2024, here's everything you need to know to develop a new drink line that will attract loyal customers from the jump. 

Who Is the Target Audience for a Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company Start-Up?

Gen Z is interested in buying non-alcoholic beverages

The first step in starting a new beverage company is understanding the target audience. Let’s start by understanding the non-alcoholic beverage boom in recent years. 

People yearn for the social bonding and ritual of "a drink" without the downsides of alcohol. They crave beverages that are not only delicious but also align with their health and wellness goals —and let's face it, who doesn't appreciate a great drink minus the hangover?

Millennials and Gen Z are leading the charge for innovative non-alcoholic drink alternatives. They want to try new beverages that complement a health-conscious lifestyle and fit seamlessly into their social lives without alcohol. 

Additionally, individuals who have opted out of drinking alcohol, whether for health reasons, personal choice, or as part of the sober-curious movement, increasingly desire sophisticated non-alcoholic options, making them a key segment for non-alcoholic beverage companies.

The great advantage of manufacturing a non-alcoholic beverage is limitless market share since drink companies with zero-proof products aren’t restricted by their customers being 21 years of age to purchase. 

What Consumers Want in a Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Have you heard of the Three Drink Theory taking over TikTok? It’s a must-know for new beverage manufacturers. The viral trend is being hailed as a “new way of life.” 

What is the Three Drink Theory? The three-drink theory suggests maintaining a trio of beverages, ideally on your work desk, at all times. Each serves a distinct purpose: hydration, energy, and enjoyment. 

The staple beverage in this trio is water, accompanied by an energy-boosting drink, and a delightful treat to enhance productivity and well-being throughout the day.  This trend reveals something important about the future of non-alcoholic drink preferences.

 They want functional beverages. 

Knowing what functional ingredients are in-demand can help you formulate a non-alcoholic beverage people want to buy.  At its core, functional beverages are drinks formulated with health-focused ingredients like CBD, adaptogens, certain botanicals, and nootropics, offering mood enhancement or relaxation benefits. 

Check out our full list of popular ingredients for beverages in 2024

How To Formulate A Non-Alcoholic Beverage

Beverage formulation is the systematic development of a drink recipe, which entails selecting appropriate ingredients, proportions, and techniques to achieve the desired characteristics.

Formulas guarantee consistency in appearance and taste even at large-scale production. A well-crafted formula not only maintains product integrity but also optimizes manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies, giving your beverage company a sustainable competitive edge.

If you’re manufacturing a functional beverage it’s wise to choose a development partner with a thorough understanding of both  sourcing ingredients and correct formulations. This ensures efficiency — your drink is doing what it promises without overdosing the customer. 

An alcohol-free or non-alcoholic drink is defined as a version of an alcoholic drink made without alcohol, or with the alcohol removed or reduced to almost zero, containing less than 0.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). All non-alcoholic beverages must adhere to that criteria during formulation in order to be marketed as zero-proof. 

Perhaps the most important part of the formulation process is taste. Conducting consumer taste tests and refining the formula based on feedback are essential steps in the formulation process, ensuring the final product aligns with consumer expectations.

Our non-alcoholic beverage formulation process is guided by flavor. The difference is in our flavor sweetener systems that allow you to customize blends for various beverages, including energy drinks and zero-calorie sparkling sodas, to flavored waters and any product you can dream up in the non-alcoholic beverage market. 

Whether you are looking for artificial, natural, or organic flavors and sweeteners, we will formulate, source ingredients, and develop a beverage you’ll be proud to serve your customers.

Shelf Life Considerations For Non-Alcoholic Beverages 

Unlike their full-proof counterparts, zero proof wines and spirits tend to go bad faster because of the essences and extracts used to develop many of these non-alcoholic products that are shelf stable only for a short period of time. This is why it is important to work with an experienced formulator to add preservatives and perform shelf life testing to avoid seeing the product go bad. 

How To Market A Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company 

How To Market A Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company 

Effective marketing of non-alcoholic beverages centers on showcasing their unique features and aligning with consumer desires. 

Beverage Marketing Strategies To Consider: 

  • Emphasizing Unique Selling Points: Accentuate what makes your beverage stand out, such as health benefits, innovative ingredients, and exceptional taste experiences.

  • Drawing Inspiration from Leading Non-Alcoholic Drink Brands: Analyze successful brands for insights into compelling marketing approaches, from social media strategies to packaging and branding.

  • Catering to Lifestyle Preferences: Position your beverage as the ideal choice for health-conscious individuals, those seeking inclusive social options, and consumers interested in sustainability.

  • Leveraging Storytelling: Share the journey behind your beverage, from inspiration to ingredient selection and overcoming challenges.

  • Building Community Engagement: Foster strong connections with consumers through social media, events, and collaborations with influencers who share your brand values.

  • Offering Samples and Experiences: Introduce potential customers to your product through free samples, partnerships with cafes and restaurants, and pop-up tasting events.

Top Non-Alcoholic Beverage Companies

Top Non-Alcoholic Beverage Companies

The NA beverage sector is thriving with brands that innovate and redefine the drinking experience without alcohol. These brands underscore the innovation and diversity within the NA beverage industry, offering a range of options for those seeking alcohol-free alternatives without compromising on taste or experience.

  • Aplós offers herbal, vegan NA spirits from Miami, designed to uplift and calm with broad-spectrum hemp and adaptogens, showcasing a unique take on spirit-free enjoyment.

  • Curious Elixirs from Brooklyn crafts booze-free cocktails infused with adaptogens, offering sophisticated alternatives like the Negroni and Aperol Spritz without the alcohol.

  • Drink Monday caters to the sober-curious and health-conscious with their NA gin and whiskey, proving that great taste doesn't require alcohol.

  • Ghia, a Los Angeles-based brand, creates a non-alcoholic aperitif blending Riesling grape juice concentrate and Yuzu juice, offering a soothing yet stimulating drink option.

  • Lyre’s Spirit Co. in England replicates beloved spirits in NA form, from gin to bourbon, offering the essence of traditional spirits without the alcohol.

  • Athletic Brewing Co. raises the bar for NA craft beers with offerings like Run Wild IPA, demonstrating that craft beer excellence can be achieved alcohol-free.

  • Seedlip, the trailblazer from London, distills herbs, spices, and citrus peels to produce sophisticated NA spirits, leading the way in the non-alcoholic spirits category.

Start A Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company 

The non-alcoholic market is ripe for innovation, eager for sippers that satisfy without the buzz. Whether you're an industry veteran or a fresh face, there's never been a more auspicious time to start a non-alcoholic beverage company. After all, the essence of a great beverage lies not in its alcohol content, but in the passion infused into its creation.

Why Choose BevNutra as Your Beverage Development Partner? 

Navigating the launch of a non-alcoholic beverage brand can be complex, but partnering with the right experts can significantly ease the process. BevNutra Solutions stands out for our:

  • Expertise in Proprietary Blend Development: We excel in creating distinctive beverage formulas that distinguish your product in the competitive market.

  • Quality Ingredient Sourcing: Our global network ensures access to the finest ingredients, aligning with your vision of quality and authenticity.

  • Customized Solutions: We provide tailored solutions to meet your unique beverage concept requirements, understanding your vision and delivering solutions that resonate with your brand ethos.

  • Effective Dosing for Functional Beverages: Our scientific approach ensures your product not only tastes great but also delivers promised functional benefits.

Book your complimentary beverage manufacturing and development consultation today, and let us guide you toward developing a successful non-alcoholic beverage brand.


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