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Spiked seltzers have been growing astronomically over the past year. Its growth can be compared to its predecessor, LaCroix, the non-alcoholic seltzer that took the beverage industry by storm. And as Americans continue to obsess about it, we expect that its prominence will continue to improve.

So, what’s spiked seltzer?

It is seltzer with a bit of alcohol. The brand may differ but the neutral alcohol base is similar in most of the seltzers. Add a little bit of natural or organic flavors into the mix, and you have yourself a delicious and refreshing seltzer that has just the right amount of kick.

The alcohol content of most spiked drinks is in the range of 4-6% ABV (alcohol by volume). That’s similar to what you’ll get from a light beer but mostly contains fewer calories which is what drinking enthusiasts are thrilled about.

The origin of spiked seltzer

America has been obsessed with soda for decades. But as humans become more conscious of their health, they began searching for alternative drinks. This was brought to the attention of the companies in charge of soda drink production and thus led to the birth of Aquafina, Dasani, and other brands of bottled water.

Perrier caught sight of a boost in American culture and how much it cherished European prestige. This, in due course, led to a massive obsession with the LaCroix, a canned seltzer drink.

Even though the beverage left sellers thinking of the right ways to market the product, seltzer sold out no less than 250,000 cases in 2015. Anheuser-Busch eventually took over the company in 2016.

How is spiked seltzer doing today?

Top makers of spiked seltzer include Truly, Bon & Viv (former name is spiked seltzer), and White Claw.

And just as the soda companies that make bottled water, these big brands have taken notice. Corona has released the Refrescas, Pabst Blue Ribbon has birthed the Stronger Seltzer, while Bud Light has the Ritas Spritz.

But why was spiked seltzer crowned 2019 summer drink? Well, we owe that to LaCroix.

LaCroix took advantage of American’s high thirst for sweetness and bubbles, but without calories, sugars, or guilt. Execs at Madison Avenue and Midwestern moms both love it. It also won the admiration of its many consumers due to its low sugar and low alcohol content, as well as their unique marketing. Many consumers can drink it without that nagging feeling of unhealthiness.

It is a drink for everyone

There’s always this belief that beer is more of a man’s drink. Wine, and juice, on the other hand, is seen as a feminine drink. Many businesses are trying very slowly to steer away from this outdated business strategy.

However, the case is different from the spiked seltzer. Why? Because they are targeting Millennials, a seemingly irrelevant generation when it comes to gender stereotyping. Spiked seltzer is more of a lifestyle seller. But what kind of lifestyle? Well, poolside barbecues, concerts, and beaches mainly.

Spiked seltzer has a good taste no doubt

That’s one of its major benefits. It is easy to drink. Alcoholic beverages have overwhelming flavors – flavors that may burn even your throat. But it isn’t so for spiked seltzer. It is pleasant and runs down smoothly. It may not be as delicious as other drinks but it has aroused the interest of most people.

Spiked seltzers can be made with artificial, natural and/or organic flavors and can have sugar added or no sugar at all. More brands are introducing added sweetness to their spiked seltzers to enhance the overall flavor experience. Private label products are one way up and coming brands use to add their own twist to the evolving spiked seltzer category.

What does the future look like for spiked seltzer?

We can’t say for sure what the future looks like for spiked seltzer, but some good guesses can be made. Currently, spiked seltzer has a market worth of no less than $550 million. But this is expected to skyrocket to $2.5 billion by 2021.

The leading brand at the moment is White Claw, but there’s stiff competition coming from new brands in the market. New beverage formulations and private label products in the spiked seltzer space are introducing game-changing flavors and new marketing techniques to keep America thirsty.

Be a part of the trend

The spiked seltzer industry is just at its beginning stage with only a few brands owning most of the market share. There is plenty of room in the market for new ideas that can have a great impact on where this space is heading in the future.

Would you like to make your own spiked seltzer? Reach out to us today and let us help you realize your goals.


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