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Supplement Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore in 2024

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Knowing the market is the first step if you want to make your own supplement.

In 2024, supplement sellers and buyers want performance from their pills.

  • Stress Relief

  • Mood Enhancement

  • Cognitive Function

  • Sleep Aids

  • Anxiety Management

  • Gut Health

 Supplement manufacturing success requires a formula that works from the inside out.

In this guide, we'll talk about the supplement trends you'll need to understand to start a supplement brand that stands out in 2024 — and beyond.

Trends in Dietary Supplements

Performance enhancing supplement ingredients are a top trend — but why?

Social media wellness influencers play a significant role supplement sales.

Followers aren't just paying attention. They're paying good money for influencer-approved supplements. These aren't your grandparents' pills.

Basic nutrients like Vitamin D and iron aren't the stuff of viral TikTok supplement trends. This new wave of supplements is about being a better version of yourself —think:

If you want to make a supplement in 2024, formulate to help customers reach their aspirational lifestyle.

Supplement Trend: Sports Nutrition

Americans care about their health more now than they did pre-Covid.

It's triggered a wave of innovation within the sports nutrition category, along with a surge in sales for pills, powders, and functional beverages.

Popular sports nutrition supplement in 2024:

  • Collagen

  • Recovery Powders

  • Hydration with Electrolytes

These trends bring together the cosmetic and supplement industries to offer consumers an inside-out strategy for achieving visible, noticeable results.

Who's buying sports nutrition supplements?

There is growth in every demographic — but their desired results are different. Younger people want preventative solutions, while baby boomers want products that improve fine lines, wrinkles, and hydration.

This category has brought together the cosmetic and supplement industries to offer consumers an inside-out strategy for achieving visible, noticeable results.

Clean-label claims and clinically validated efficacy are top reasons people buy so it's important to partner with a supplement manufacturer well-versed in effective dosing if you want to get in on this $7.29 billion industry.

Supplement Trend: Nootropics

Remember Limitless? It's a movie about a man who takes a special pill and becomes smarter and more capable than anyone else on Earth.

That's what you're customers are buying when they choose a nootropic supplement.

Multivitamins used to be the go-to health supplement. Today, it's nootropics.

Nootropics are supplements designed to boost brain health. Who's buying nootropics?

  • College Students

  • The 65+ Crowd

  • Athletes

  • Your Best Friend (probably)

The point is that nootropics aren't a niche supplement category anymore.

It's a mainstream, $2 billion industry.

First-generation nootropics like caffeine and Ginkgo biloba stood on their own. Today's best nootropics are formulated by combining brain boosting ingredients, like L-theanine with caffeine — a blend associated with calmness and heightened creativity.

Get the dosage right, and you’ll have a profitable blend.

Supplement Trend: Gut Health:

People want supplements for their second brain too.

Gut health supplements are more popular than ever. The latest research shows us why.

Forty percent of American have daily gut issues, according to the American Gastroenterological Association. They're in the market for the "biotic bundle."

The bio bundle includes:

  1. Prebiotics (Food for the good bacteria in your gut)

  2. Probiotics (The actual good bacteria that live in your gut)

  3. Postbiotics (Beneficial byproducts good bacteria produce)

These aren’t simple supplements to manufacture. 

Probiotics are particularly sensitive to heat and moisture, which makes expert formulation your greatest competitive advantage.

Supplement Trend: Herbs & Botanicals

People are buying prevention.

They don't want supplements that promise symptom-relief.

They don't want to get symptoms in the first place.

Supplements with herbs and botanicals are gaining popularity due to this mindset shift.

Here are popular ingredients for supplements containing herbs and botanicals.

Supplement Trends: Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are the bread and butter of supplement formulation.

You'd think the market would be saturated. But Forecasts predict a steady expansion of the worldwide market for vitamins and minerals during the next five years. Why?

  • People want to proactively care for their health

  • People are turning to self-medication for minor health issues

  • The increasing elderly population who needs vitamins and minerals to meet their recommended dietary needs

Personalization is the biggest gamechange in this supplement category.

Consumers want custom supplements that address their unique needs rather than regular multivitamins. Learn how to manufacture a custom supplement.

Supplement Trends

Make Your Own Supplement Formula

At Bevnutra, we're not just chasing trends; we're creating them.

We're the go-to choice for supplement brands who desire high-quality dietary supplement manufacturing and formulation services. Our goal is to help you save time, money, and stress so you focus on delivering the next big thing in nutraceuticals.


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